What is a Mystery Box?

Like the name suggests, the NEBULA NFT Mystery Box is a digital blind box that contains one NFT from the Nebula Original Collection. The NFTs come in 10 different themes and variations. The fun of it? The only way to reveal the surprise is by opening it!

In addition to revealing the actual NFT that you collected, when you open the Mystery box, you are also using your NFT Mystery Box to redeem a physical NEBULA Speaker. BOLTBOLT will collect your shipping address upon redemption for the Physical Nebula Speaker shipment.


What is included within the Nebula NFT Mystery box?

· ONE Nebula Original NFT
· The redemption right to ONE Physical Nebula Speaker
· Access to BOLTBOLT future drops


What is the total supply?

NEBULA’s first and original collection offers a total of 3,333 NFTs paired with 3,333 physical speakers.


What is the difference between an Opened box and an unopened Mystery box?

An opened Mystery Box means that your NFT variation has already been revealed, and your Physical Nebula Speaker has been redeemed. sealed Mystery Box will remain in its unopened state and maintain the right to redeem a single physical speaker.


Can I redeem a Physical Nebula Speaker but keep the Mystery Box unopened?

No. The physical and digital Nebula work in conjunction: once your Physical Nebula Speaker is redeemed, the Mystery Box is simultaneously unboxed.


Can I only unbox the Mystery Box without redeeming the Physical Nebula Speaker?

No. The Physical Nebula Speaker is an inseparable part of the product experience delivered with Project Nebula: when a Mystery Box is opened, you simultaneously become the owner of a Physical Nebula Speaker.

We will be collecting your shipping address upon redemption for shipment of the Physical Nebula Speaker.


How do I redeem my Physical Nebula Speaker?

As we approach our shipping date, the Official Redemption Day will be announced. On that date, you may claim redemption and experience the Mystery Box reveal!


Is the Mystery Box tradable?

Yes. When the Mystery Box remains unopened, the holder is selling the Nebula Original NFT and the Physical Nebula Speaker redemption access together to the buyer.

When the Mystery Box is opened and the actual NFT is revealed, the holder is only selling the actual Nebula Original NFT to the buyer. The next owner of the NFT will not be able to redeem any Physical Nebula Speaker.

An unopened Mystery Box signifies a tradeable Nebula NFT and a Physical Nebula Speaker redemption. Physical Nebula Speakers are connected to the buyer: once it is opened, a Mystery Box only contains the Nebula NFT.


Is the Physical Speaker permanently linked to the Nebula NFT?

No. After the Physical Nebula Speaker is redeemed from each Nebula NFT, it is no longer linked to any Mystery box or NFT. They become separate assets and the Nebula Original NFT is tradable in the secondary market.

After redemption, the Original Nebula NFT will serve as a token for holders to access exclusive benefits:  IRL events and early access to BOLTBOLT’s Mixed Reality experience!


When is the redemption day for Physical Nebula Speaker?

We are expecting to start the redemption process around Summer 2023.

*If things go really well with the production, it’s possible the redemption will start earlier. If we experience delay in the process, it would also impact the redemption. Please follow our social media, discord announcements, and updates for the latest progress.


When can I unbox the mystery box?

You will be able to open the Mystery Box starting from the Physical Nebula Speaker Redemption Day.


Is there a deadline to redeem the speaker?

No, there is no deadline to redeem the speaker.


What are the virtual assets and experiences?

We’re passionate about building virtual assets to enhance the experience of our first project. Currently brewing up…

- Nebula Original NFT artwork
- Nebula AR lens - adding an augmented layer of the metaverse to visualize your Nebula anywhere!
- BOLTBOLT Clubhouse - A virtual music lounge.
… more to come!